First Lady Fazna Ahmed attended the graduation ceremony of Chimes Preschool (previously Bridge Little Learners Preschool) on Wednesday. The ceremony was held in the STELCO seminar room.

The First Lady presented awards and scrolls to 27 graduates at the ceremony. Delivering remarks at the ceremony, the First Lady spoke about the importance of maximising the potential of the school holidays and urged parents and guardians to ensure their children have a productive holiday filled with new experiences.

The First Lady said the school holidays should be utilised to teach preschool graduates new things and spoke against familiarising the graduates with lessons from grade school textbooks. She said that it would cause the children to repeat the same lessons when they begin primary school, which may cause them to lose interest in their studies. She also highlighted the importance of teaching children life skills like toilet training and cleanliness.

The First Lady also noted the support of the community and state-owned enterprises (SOEs) for preschools. Chimes Preschool presented the First Lady with a drawing of the graduates’ names, after which she spent time reading to the children a storybook. Bridge Little Learners Preschool was established in 2012 with 233 pupils. It was renamed the Chimes Preschool this June.