President Dr Mohamed Muizzu's remarks during the Presidential Elections 2023 as a PPM-PNC candidate are now published as a book on the President’s Office website.

During the 2023 Presidential Election campaign, President Dr Muizzu actively visited 153 inhabited islands and all cities of the Maldives in 53 days under the theme of 'Dhivehinge Raajje', endorsed by the PPM-PNC coalition. At various election events, he has delivered speeches on 205 occasions, articulating his vision and policies for the nation's future.

President Dr Muizzu previously pledged to publish all his remarks during his Presidential election campaign as a book. In the 1,024-page book, he underscores the significant pledges articulated in each of his addresses. The book also contains photographs capturing his visits to different islands, engaging with the citizens, and the activities undertaken.

This marks the first time a Maldivian President has released a book containing campaign speeches and pledges to the citizens. This is also the first time a Maldivian head of state has published a thorough book outlining visions, goals and aspirations for the country.

The book is available for download on the President's Office website with the link below. The book is divided into topics for easy browsing and is viewable and downloadable in PDF format.

Printed copies of this book will also be available at Government institutions, schools and libraries within this month.