President Dr Mohamed Muizzu has called upon all Maldivians to prioritise the usage of the Dhivehi language in offices, news channels, education, and communication. He made this appeal during his address on Dhivehi Language Day, commemorated today.

In his address, the President expressed his desire to cultivate generations proficient in the Dhivehi language. Encouraging people to embrace the language, he urged the public to appreciate our mother tongue while acquiring proficiency in other languages and knowledge. Additionally, the President emphasised the importance of preserving the Maldivian identity, suggesting that the nation should take pride in its indigenous heritage.

President Dr Muizzu further highlighted the importance of the nationalism restoration programme initiated by the current Administration. During the address, he detailed the advantages of this initiative.

The President underscored the significance of Dhivehi Language Day by honouring the late Hussain Salahuddin and drawing lessons from his life. He emphasised the importance of learning the local language, integrating knowledge from other languages into the local context, and achieving success in one's mother tongue as a gateway to proficiency in other languages and fields of knowledge.