President Dr Mohamed Muizzu emphasised the importance of nurturing children to embrace Islamic principles, nationalism, and leadership, noting that the responsibility falls on everyone. He made these remarks in his address commemorating Children's Day celebrations today.

In his address, The President reaffirmed the Government's dedication to collaborating with parents, guardians, and communities to ensure the welfare of all children.

As such, President Dr Muizzu underscored the Government's initiatives to enhance the well-being of children. Throughout his island visits, the President reiterated his commitment to implementing various projects for children across all islands. He disclosed plans to construct libraries nationwide, providing children with access to knowledge and enrichment.

In his address, the President noted the teachings derived from the Late Mohamed Jameel Didi's story, 'Hahthahaaves Dhareenneve'. He called on the public to contemplate and embody the significant lessons in the story, highlighting the tranquillity found in treating every child with compassion, regardless of their birth status, and offering them care and support.

In his Children's Day address, the President prayed for the well-being of all children, especially those who have lost their homes, parents, and guardians. He prayed for Allah's promised blessings in Paradise for the children martyred in Palestine and Allah's mercy upon all children facing martyrdom.

The President concluded his address by calling on the public to work for a better future for the children and the nation.